krisana wong

peculiar quotidian.

This semester‘s competition targets the quotidian, it meaning “the usual“, “happening every day“. It invites you to look at the “usual“ more attentively, maybe from a slightly different perspective and with a questioning gaze, thus noticing the peculiarity of colours, shapes, details that make up the flicker of everyday. By doing so, the competition also aims to celebrate photography as a means of stopping, observing and documenting life, which sometimes might seem simple in the present, but will look peculiar through the pictures in the future.

As an Exhibition Convenor, I was responsible for organising a photography competition for each semester. This required generating inclusive categories for students of all levels to participate. To captivate students and increase the variety of submissions, I designed posters of the events, promoted on social media and on the campus. All selected works were printed from a photography shop to maintain its quality, and were carefully curated at the chosen exhibition venue, which required communication with the venues’ managers in advance for a secure booking. Members would have the right to vote for their favourite photographs through the link we set up, participants with most votes would receive prizes prepared by us, which was delivered during the opening of the exhibition that was open to the public.

photographs of the exhibition.